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Information Technology

Department of Information Technology

Welcome to the Department of Information Technology's page. Here you will find useful links to help you with technology related requests and services that are offered to members of the Michigan Wing, Civil Air Patrol.



The IT Department is staffed by volunteer members across the wing. These members work to design, develop and support various applications used in the Michigan Wing. Our wing has some unique roles to support an ever evolving cyberspace domain. The descriptions for these unique roles can be found below.


MIWG IT Staff Structure

Wing Webmaster

  • Understand the process of creating CAP branded websites through the SiteViz CMS from start to finish.

  • Support group, squadron, and flight Public Affairs Officers with their roll-out and adoption of the standardized websites.

  • Manage the Michigan Wing website ensuring content submitted from department heads has a consistent feel across the site.

Wing Google Workspace Manager

  • Manage the Google Workspace backend ensuring consistent security policies, organizational structure, and capabilities for the wing.

  • Develop and implement recommendations to the Google Workspace that enables other departments to effectively complete CAP missions.

  • Assist with training and development of Support Officers at all levels of the organization.

Unit Google Workspace Support Officer

  • Assist members at the corresponding unit level and subordinate units with adoption of Google Workspace functionality by training members of their echelon.

  • Troubleshoot user account access to include password resets, suspension/reactivation, and email membership.

  • Inform higher level ITOs and workspace manager of feedback, complaints, and improvement requests.

Wing Automation Developer

  • Maintain/continue development of our Google Apps Script code base on the wing GitHub

  • Work with Google Workspace Support Officers and Manager to develop meaningful projects based on feedback, complaints, and improvement requests from our members.

Wing Hardware Manager

  • Work closely with Wing Logistics and National IT services to receive new IT hardware and prepare for operational service (e.g. laptops, tablets, peripheral devices, etc.).

  • Manage refresh cycles and the needs of subordinate units to properly place IT hardware.

  • Ensure hardware is properly managed in a mobile device management tool in order to deploy patches, inventory installed software, etc.

IT Resources

IT has a wealth of resources available to Groups and Squadrons. We are a tier 3 support organization for issues that cannot be resolved at the Unit and Group IT level. We also assist with technical support of all Wing computer equipment including laptops, PC's and projectors. Finally we offer support to wing level programs from an IT perspective.

Contacting IT Help Desk

Members should always contact their Unit or Group IT officer before contacting Wing unless the issue is with a Wing level asset or program (such as MIWG Google Workspace Account issues). For Tier 3 support please send an email to itsupport@miwg.cap.gov and someone will get back with you.

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