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MIWG Forms and Documents

Michigan Wing Supplements

CAPR173-1 MIWG Supplement 1 - Financial Procedures and Accounting - Travel Supplement

Michigan Wing Pamphlets

MIWGP 30-1 Michigan Wing Of the Year Program

Michigan Wing Forms

MIWGF 173-T Travel Authorization Form

MIWGF 173-V Travel Voucher

MIWGF 173-3 Wing Payment Request

MIWGF 173-4 Request for Unit Fund Raising

MIWGF 173-B Subordinate Unit Budget

MIWGF 173-C Unit Payment Request

MIWGF 173-D Unit Deposit Notice

Michigan Wing Memos

Delegation of Authority for Activity and Service Ribbons

Payment Process for Member Funded Flying

POV Authorization WMIRS (Ordinary)

POV CAP Transportation Request(Unusual)

Out of State Travel with a COV

COV Fuel Usage and Reimbursement Memo

PSA-1 Vehicle Mishap Reporting

PSA-2 Transportation, Duties

PSA-3 Transportation, DOT

Michigan Wing Miscellaneous Documents

MIWG Real property handshake agreement

CAP and MI Tax Exempt Letter

MIWGF 173-3 Operating Instructions

MIWGF 173-B Unit Budget Instructions

MIWGF 173-C Operating Instructions

MIWGF 173-D Operating Instructions

MIWG Crisis Communications Plan

MIWG PAO Plan of Action

FEMA Uploader Instructions 2023

Michigan Employment Protection Documents

CAP Employment Protection Act_Act 75 of 2016

Employer Notification Letter

CAPP 150-16, National Crisis Communications Plan

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