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Newberry SAREX August 2022

Michigan Wing will hold its last scheduled full-scale SAREX of the fiscal year from 19-21 August 2022 in Newberry, Michigan.  All members who are interested in gaining new ES qualifications, renewing existing qualifications, or helping others as they strive to achieve new qualifications are encouraged to attend.  Please read through the information in this email thoroughly.

Logistical Information

Mission Number:  22-T-5529

ICP Name:  Newberry Mission Base

ICP Location:  Luce County Airport (KERY), 5523 Co Rd 399, Newberry, MI  49868

Tent Camping:  Available at the airport

Camper Camping:  NOT available at the airport. 5 miles away: Newberry Campground, 13724 M-28, Newberry, MI 49868

Hotels:  There are several small hotels and motels in the area

Food:  Members should plan to bring their meals and/or money to purchase food. Ground teams will spend a lot of time in very rural areas and will not always have access to restaurants.

Gear:  Ground Team Members/Leaders are required to bring and carry 72-hour gear.  UDF teams are required to bring 24-hour gear.



Please use the link below to register for the mission as soon as possible.  After you register, the Incident Command staff will confirm your position and provide additional information about the mission.



Inbound / Outbound Sorties

As we approach the end of the fiscal year, the budget becomes less flexible.  If you will be a driver or a pilot going to/from the mission, please put your Inbound and Outbound sorties into WMIRS as soon as possible after registering so that the Finance/Admin Section can monitor the budget leading up to the mission.  The sorties can be adjusted after the fact when more information becomes available regarding passengers, ETAs, etc.  If you will be a passenger, do not enter sorties into WMIRS.



Tolls:  If you are crossing the Mackinac Bridge going to/from the mission, the tolls are reimbursable, but you must get a receipt from the toll booth at the time of the crossing.


Fuel:  If you get gas at a rural Mom & Pop style gas station, make sure that the receipt states that it was a fuel purchase and that it lists gallons and price per gallon.


Incident Command Staff Contact Information

The IC3T for this mission will be 1st Lt Chris Bradlee, working under the supervision of Lt Col Steve Hickel.  Please direct questions regarding the mission to Lt Bradlee at: Christopher.Bradlee@miwg.cap.gov or 734-419-3744.

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