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Session Descriptions

9:40am – 10:30am

Room C – “ForeFlight - Whats new”  ForeFlight releases new features on a regular basis, come learn what is new and review major features. Bring your iPads to follow along.

Room D – “How to Prepare an TLP” Cadet Room - This course will cover the basics of how cadets can run team leadership projects.

Room E – “Fundraising 101: How to Prepare Your Unit to Fundraise Correctly” Just starting out or not having the fundraising success you would like to see? This session is a great orientation to review your current unit needs, how best to articulate your fundraising opportunities and to what audiences while working withing CAP’s regulation framework. Attendees will receive valuable insights and actionable steps to take home to their local unit.

Room F – “AEO’s Above and Beyond” Taking on the position as the Unit AEO can be a daunting task. Come and learn some of the key elements that can help you manage and fulfil this crucial role with success.

Room G – “Accountability and Responsibility” Level 2 Part 2 of the Civil Air Patrol Senior Member Professional Development Program. Define accountability and responsibility expectations of a CAP senior member and explain accountability requirements for specific areas of CAP.

Room H – Navigating the New CAP Education and Training” Everything you need to know about the new CAP Education and Training Program, including how to complete your current level and what you need for your next promotion.

10:40am – 11:30am

Room C – “New Ops Techology”   This session will cover some of the new operations programs and tools including FLIR, aircraft video imergy and  ReadyOp,  

Room D – “NCSAs / Cadet Invest” Learn all about National Cadet Special Activities: what they are, what you need, and how to apply. Also find out about the multitudinous financial opportunities available to cadets, including through CadetInvest. CAP wants to enable you to have fun and succeed in your endeavors

Room E – “Cadet Adventures How To” How to plan, arrange and execute adventurous cadet activities to help retain and recruit cadets.

Room F – “Reaching Schools and Educators” So you would like to develop a relationship with your local schools and educators, but how can you that successfully. Come and learn how to initiate contact, develop mutual rapport and share what you can offer in support of their educational program.

Room G – “Duty Assignments and Specialty Tracks” Level 2 Part 2 of the Civil Air Patrol Senior Member Professional Development Program. The object of this lesson is for each student to be know what their specialty track options are, what advancement requires, and what duty positions they would like to serve in.

Room H – “Uniforms” Our uniforms and the way we maintain and wear them is a representation of our personal commitment to the CAP Core Values of respect, integrity, and excellence. This also impacts how our fellow members, military personnel, and community members view us and interact with us. This course will teach us how to keep looking sharp and professional and grow our knowledge of the common mistakes of uniform wear.

2:40pm – 3:30pm

Room C – “How to get started in ES” GES, SQTR, ICUT, IS 700, WMIRS: if this is all gibberish to you, step inside! You won't get qualified in anything by attending this class, but you will learn the steps that you need to take to start the process. You will know where to look for answers, and how to record your progress.

Room D – “Servant Leadership” What is Servant Leadership? Brig Gen (Ret), Doug “Odie” Slocum will speak with cadets on a range of leadership topics and styles that he learned over his 35 years’ experience in the Air Force and the Air National Guard. His last assignment was as the Commanding General of the 127th Wing and Selfridge Air National Guard Base.

Room E – “Registration Zone & Fireside Chat” What is the Registration Zone? How do I register for activities? How do I host events and use it to serve as my registration system? Come learn about the Registartion Zone module in eServices, Followed by a fireside chat with the MIWG DCP. Bring your questions!

Room F – “Utilizing the AEM Connection” Are you ready to supercharge your Squadron’s publicity and recruiting? Come to this session to discover the importance of the CAP AEM Program and why it is the “secret sauce” to your Squadron’s publicity and it’s successful recruiting process!

Room G – “Basic Drill” Level 2 Part 2 of the Civil Air Patrol Senior Member Professional Development Program. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the basics of drill comparable to the cadet Curry Achievement drill test. Yes, you will learn how to drill.

Room H – “Transportation” This session is focused on transportation. We will cover how to apply for a CAP Driver's license. You will also learn the process of requesting a Certificate of Authorization and Validation (COV) for real property or events, ensuring appropriate vehicle usage within the CAP framework. Stick around for a Q&A session to address any questions you may have.

3:40pm – 4:30pm

Room C – “How to Get Involved in the GIS Program” The Emergency Service mission is evolving, with more ways for CAP members to get involved, whether it's in the field or right at home. Learn how you can prepare yourself in existing ES qualifications, where to learn new GIS skills to put your technical skills to better serve our ES missions.

Room D – “Introduction to Cadet Flight” Every cadet in CAP has the opportunity to fly! Learn how you can go from a cadet orientation flight to a private pilot.

Room E – “Promoting your squadron online” Best practices of photography, captions, audience, placement and methods that represent your unit in the best way online.

Room F – “Q & A with wing MIWG, GLR and National Leadership" Bring your questions to this open forum with your local, region, and national CAP leaders.

Room G – “Communications Fundamentals” Level 2 Part 2 of the Civil Air Patrol Senior Member Professional Development Program. Professionals and military personnel bring considerable expertise in communication to CAP but need some basic information about how communications in CAP work and where to find our standards to be successful.

Room H – “AFA & CAP”  Learn about the partnership between the Air & Space Forces Association and Civil Air Patrol. CAP members even can take advantage of the AFA's offer of a free 2-year e-membership in the AFA.

4:40pm – 5:30pm

Room C – “What Glider Pilots Want You to Know” Loss of Thrust in Single-Engine Airplanes: What Glider Pilots Want You to Know.

Most single-engine pilots are really bad at dealing with loss-of-thrust emergencies. Ask any CAP check pilot who regularly watches candidates come out of the sky at 110 KIAS, aiming for a straight-in approach to a field five miles away.

Glider pilots know things about getting an unpowered aircraft on the ground in one piece (and maybe even doing it with style). They have things to tell you that will help you develop a reliable, repeatable process to use when you find yourself in a glider that didn't start out as a glider. Hear from MIWG's highly-experienced cadre of glider pilots and instructors and what they have to tell their brother and sister pilots about flying without the noisy, smelly thing on the nose working.

Room D – “Color Guard Training” - This course, oriented towards cadets, will go over some general explanations for what colorguard is, what they do, how to get involved, equipment needed, where to get training, and personal experiences. This will be followed by training for indoor posting of the colors and how to march in a parade.

Room E – "Seeing the Struggling Cadet" Blank stares, missing meetings, sitting alone, signs of self-harm, quick to anger, not engaging with the program...so many warning signs to alert you to the struggling cadet. Can you see them? Are you able to tell the difference between the behaviors above and just being a typical teen? Together we will explore these signs and find a path towards acceptance and understanding of the struggling cadet.

Room F – “IG” Basics of the CAP Inspector General Program. A brief overview of all aspects of the CAP IG program, including Complaint Resolution and Subordinate Unit Questions. The Michigan Wing Inspector General will walk through the Subordinate Unit Inspection process, including discrepancy closure. All members are welcome to attend. Squadron Commanders with an inspection in 2024 are encouraged to attend, there will also be an opportunity for general questions if time permits.

Room G – “Leadership Fundamentals” Level 2 Part 2 of the Civil Air Patrol Senior Member Professional Development Program. The purpose of this lesson is for students define and its essential
qualities as well as to comprehend the different styles of leadership and their appropriateness in
different situations.

Room H – “Take Control of Your Squadron's Finances” This session equips Civil Air Patrol (CAP) squadron members with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage squadron finances. Whether you're a new finance officer or looking to refresh your understanding, this session will empower you to contribute to your squadron's financial health

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