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MIWG Garners Three National Awards CAP National Conference

Michigan Wing was proud to receive three recognitions at the 2020 CAP National Conference.

Cadet Captain Hood of The Kevin A Adams Memorial Composite Squadron received the Frank Brewer Memorial Aerospace Award for his outstanding leadership and contributions in the field of aerospace. Among his outstanding accomplishments, Cadet Hood led a team of Cadets in the American Rocketry Challenge, developed and taught the first sUAS course for the 2019 Cadet Special Activity, and was the first cadet to become a CAP sUAS check airman.

The members of Michigan Wing can also be proud for receiving both the Search and Rescue Mission Award and the Cadet Programs Mission Award of the Great Lakes Region. The work of both senior members and cadets of Michigan Wing resulted in excellence and leadership in these two missions this past year.

Congratulations to Cadet Hood, and to all the Michigan Wing members who contributed to the success of the cadet program and search and rescue!

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