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MIWG of the Year Awards - 2020

We are quickly approaching the deadline for Of-the-Year Award Submissions:

1. Any member may nominate another member for an OTY award through their chain of command. Squadron commanders should submit nominations to their respective group commanders by 15 December. Submissions should be made via email with a Word version of the appropriate form (CAPF 120 or GLRF 120EZ), or an appropriate narrative summary in Word format.

Do not use the eServices awards module.

The more complete and detailed package the better! Feel free to include images, press clippings, letters of recommendation, or any other material that supports the nominee. The best nominations will include not only a list of the members accomplishments, but also the IMPACT the member has has had in their area!

It is up to the discretion of the group commander whether to accept late submissions.

2. Group commanders will select from the award nominations that they receive (or may make their own award nominations in lieu of selecting from the nominations received) and will forward those nominations to the Wing Director of Personnel (cballard@cap.gov) no later than 15 January 2020. Group commanders should forward all nominations received, but indicate which of those nominations is the one selected by the commander. Late submissions will not be accepted.

3. The Wing Awards Board will meet starting on 16 January and will recommend recipients for each of the awards to Col Kothari. The Awards Board may also make nominations in addition to those submitted by group commanders. Col Kothari will have the final say on all selections, may choose not to follow the recommendation of the Awards Board, and may select a member for an award even though the member was not nominated for the award by any lower echelon in this process.

4. The 2020 of the Year Awards will be announced and presented at the 2021 Michigan Wing Conference.

5. Please see MIWG Pamphlet 30-1 which lists all of the OTHY awards and along with a description of how to apply. Please Focus in particular on the awards listed in sections 1, 5, and 6. In addition, commanders of cadet or composite squadrons should take advantage of the unit-level awards described in section 2 (which do not involve submissions to group or wing).

Some particular items to note
a. The Cadet of the Year award is restricted to cadets who have attained the Earhart Award (C/Capt) or higher and must be at least a junior in high school.

b. There are two Wing-level awards this year that are not described in the national regulations, one for Unit Historian and one for Unit Finance Officer. The corresponding region and national awards may only be awarded to personnel serving in Wing-level duty positions, so these new awards will permit us to provide recognition to members serving their local units.

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