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Cadet Advisory Council

Michigan Cadet Advisory Council

The Cadet Advisory Council is a way for cadets to voice concerns, ideas, or comments and make meaningful changes in Civil Air Patrol. Cadet representatives develop leadership skills while working with the commander on ways to improve the cadet program and Civil Air Patrol overall. It uses a formal council structure headed by a Chair and Vice Chair that oversee committees, proposal votes, and council rules of order.

The three main purposes of CAC are (CAPR 60-1):

             • Provide a forum where cadets gain leadership experience at higher organizational levels

   • Aid the commander in monitoring and implementing the Cadet Program

   • Make recommendations to the commander for improving and running the Cadet Program

Each echelon (Group, Wing, Region, and National) has a council that reports to the commander with one primary and one assistant representative. Every squadron should have a primary and assistant representative to group and each group should have a primary and assistant representative to wing. Currently MIWG CAC meets once a month over teleconference on the last Sunday of each month.

CAC is the Cadet voice of the program and needs you.

CAC Chair 23-24: C/Capt Grace Lazo-Lemos  Grace.Lazo-Lemos@miwg.cap.gov
CAC Vice Chair 23-24: C/Capt James Thomas james.thomas@miwg.cap.gov
MIWG Senior Advisor: Maj Ashley Thornton Murdock   ashley.thorntonmurdock@miwg.cap.gov
MIWG Assistant Senior Advisor: Maj Najim Ahmed Najim.Ahmed@miwg.cap.gov 

Looking for more information about CAC? Look below for resources and see what MIWG CAC is currently working on:

Questions about CAC, please contact Maj Thornton Murdock the Michigan Wing CAC Senior Advisor

Have suggestions or input for the council?

If you would like to submit an idea, suggestion, or program feedback to the MIWG CAC, please follow this link to the MIWG CAC Suggestion Form https://forms.gle/HFqw4gDRK3HMVHyVA

Your form will be reviewed by the Council Chair and Senior Advisor and will be placed on the CAC Agenda for the next meeting if the form is agreed upon to be pertinent to the CAC or be passed along to the wing Cadet Program team. You may remain anonymous if you wish by filling out N/A on the form. If you would like updates of what is happening with your suggestion you can leave an email and/or phone number and we will do our best to let you know what is going on with your suggestion.

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