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MIWG Encampment

29 June to 06 July
Alpena CRTC


The cadet staff has been selected, senior member positions are now open, and the Encampment Team would like to announce registration for the 2024 Michigan Wing Encampment (29 June – 06 July, at Alpena CRTC) is now open for an assortment of activities this year!


Encampment is offering:

Basic Encampment (cadets)

NCO Leadership Academy (cadets)

Region Cadet Leadership School (cadets)

sUAS Academy (cadets and seniors)

Volunteer University (seniors)


With so many courses, the encampment team has the registration/reporting instructions in a document to the right of this page under "Related Documents". The document describes course descriptions, course costs, CEAP information, report dates/times, etc.

Some items may change as we get closer to encampment and more information becomes available but this page will have the most up to date information.


DEADLINE: The registration deadline for all courses and request for base access is June 9, 2024

Registration Link:
Base Access Request Link: https://michwing.wufoo.com/forms/z1mqh3381ouzxje/;


Cadet Staff Applications

Currently all cadet staff positions have been filled. Thank you! 

Senior Staff Applications

Senior staff applications are open, all seniors interested are encouraged to reach out and apply. Vacancies currently exist with the Public Affairs, Administration, and Curriculum and Planning but if you are interested in a different position please reach out. Any senior members interested in serving on encampment staff contact Maj Neuville or Capt Hockin by emailing miwgencampmentreg@gmail.com

Events Timeline:

Cadet Staff Selection Exercise -  January 27, 2024 COMPLETE

Encampment Staff Training #1 - March 16, 2024 COMPLETE

Encampment Staff Training #2 - TBA

Encampment Staff Training #3-  TBA

Encampment - 29 June- 06 July, staff arrival 28 June (Alpena CRTC, 5884 A St, Alpena, MI 49707)


Media Resources

Videos and photos of previous encampments can be found at the following links. We encourage squadron leadership to use the media for promotion and education when meeting with new cadets and parents in the next few months.

2023 Encampment Review Video
Encampment Staff Interviews
Encampment Photo Galleries



Most questions can be answered by emailing miwgencampmentreg@gmail.com

2024 Encampment Command Team

Commander: Lt Col Eric Scott
Deputy Commander of Operations: Capt Adrian Hockin
Deputy Commander for Support: Maj Michelle Neuville
Commandant of Cadets: Maj Ashley Thornton Murdock
Cadet Commander: C/Maj Sean Maloney




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