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MIWG Encampment

Camp Grayling Michigan National Guard Base
Grayling, Michigan

14-21 AUGUST 2021

COST $185.00


Basic Encampment: Required of cadets in order to achieve the Billy Mitchell Award, the basic encampment provides the following:
Air Force Fundamentals (Structure & Mission of the USAF, Aerospace Power, Aerospace Heritage)
Civil Air Patrol Fundamentals (Emergency Services, Aerospace Education, Cadet Program)
Leadership and the Cadet Ethic (Character Development, Physical Fitness, Drill & Ceremonies, Creative Thinking)
Aerospace Career Exploration (Career Opportunities, Career Requirements and Counseling). 

In addition to the nationally mandated curriculum, the basic encampment offers such activities as powered and glider orientation flights, demonstrations of the base security forces and fire department, tours of the  other base facilities, and physical fitness. 

Cadets must achieve the Curry Achievement prior to attending the basic encampment.  This must be recorded in e-Services prior to arrival at Encampment.

2021 Senior Command Staff

The following senior officers serve as the Encampments senior command 

Commander Maj John Bowers
Vice Commander Capt Renae Little
Chief of Staff Capt Adrian Hockin
Commandant of Cadets Maj Michelle Neuville
Asst. Commandant of Cadets Maj Mark Ewing


2021 Cadet Command Staff

The following cadet officers serve as the Encampments cadet command

Cadet Commander C/LtCol Harley Jones
Cadet Deputy Commander- Operations C/LtCol David Walsh
Cadet Deputy Commander - Support C/LtCol Jonah Wilhelm


Historical Information

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