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Operation Wolverine

Operation WolverineOPERATION WOLVERINE 2021

6-8 August 2021

250 Airport Dr Kimball, MI 48074 

Registration for Operation Wolverine is open!

The training mission will take place on August 6-8 in Kimball, MI at St. Clair County International Airport and is open to all General Emergency Services Qualified members! You will have the opportunity to practice your ground skills, and start working toward your next qualification.

Operation Wolverine is Michigan Wing's Annual Event that is offered specifically to allow our Cadet Membership the opportunity to exercise leadership skills while also building in their skills within Emergency Services.  Cadets will be leading this ES Training Event in positions from working as Ground Team Members all the way to the highest level in Incident Command, the Incident Commander.  This is an awesome opportunity for our cadets to be able to show off all of their skills and abilities as well as learn some new ones.

With this unique opportunity, all members that attend Operation Wolverine will take away a great amount of both training as well as proficiency in the areas they wish to serve.  Cadets and Seniors alike that are up to the challenge need to register as soon as possible in order to help the Incident Command Staff plan.

  • Dates: 1800 6 August - 1600 8 August 2021 - May have some opportunities for Air/Ground Sorties Remote Launch 2-5 August.

  • Location: 250 Airport Dr Kimball, MI 48074 

  • Registration: Please click Here to register (see below for entire url if needing to "copy and paste")

  • Lodging: Camping available on-site.  For the most part, the Cadets should plan to camp in order to get the most out of Wolverine and keep their costs down.  There are also several hotels in the area as well for those that can not camp out.  We will need a few willing Senior Members to Camp also.  DO NOT PLAN TO CAMP IF YOU DON'T HAVE APPROPRIATE GEAR.

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