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Alpena SAREX Oct 2022

We are pleased to announce that the first wing-wide practice mission of the 2023 fiscal year will be held at the Alpena CRTC on the weekend of 21-23 October 2022. 



·        Due to the fact that members need to be vetted prior gaining access to the base, there will be a HARD DEADLINE for registration.  Any member who has not registered by 2359L, Monday, 10 October will not be able to attend the mission.

·        The registration form has a few more categories than normal, reflecting information that the base needs to vet members.  All boxes in the registration form need to be filled out.

·        Members 16 years and older will have to provide a Driver’s License number or State ID number.  Members 15 years and under should provide a State ID number if they have one.

·        Family members or drivers who are dropping members off or picking them up from the activity must also register with the registration link.

·        Registration link:  https://forms.gle/eXEQ2Zn666d4x1qH9



·        Billeting will be available in the barracks on the base for a nominal fee.  The amount per night will be announced in a subsequent email.



·        We are working with the base to provide an inexpensive meal plan for participating members.  More information about meals will be included in the next email.

·        Ground Team members must still bring the required number of meals in their 72-hour gear, but will be able to partake of the meals at the mission base.


Questions please contact Lt Col Sheila Cerny

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