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Travel and Lodging

The 2022 Michigan Wing Operations and Emergency Services conference being conducted under a funded Air Force Assigned Mission.

Travel Reimbursement  

Reimbursement is available for corporate and personally owned ground vehicle fuel.  Members requesting reimbursement will need to indicate this request during the registration process and will need to enter both inbound and outbound sorties in WMIRS under the conference mission number. Reimbursement is limited to regular unleaded fuel only for standard vehicles. Special use vehicles such as campers, trailers, ect must be approved by the MIWG/DOES

CAP aircraft travel will also be reimbursed. Priority will be to relocate check pilots and instructor pilots to support the flight clinic and mission pilots to support the DAART training.  Sorties must be entered under the mission number. It is desired unless otherwise approved by the MIWG/DO for the aircraft to remain overnight Saturday to Sunday to conserve mission funds.

Personal aircraft fuel will not be reimbursed.


The MIWG Ops/ES conference is being held at the West Michigan Aviation Academy (WMAA) located at 5363 44th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512. No lodging or camping is available onsite at the Grand Rapids Airport.

More than 20 hotels from multiple brands are within 5 miles of WMAA. Prices range from $70-$150 per night. Members are responsible for their own accommodations. Most hotels are located on 28th Street in Kentwood, MI. There are plentiful restaurants, shopping and entertainments options in the immediate area.


The conference is designed and geared towards Civil Air Patrol Senior Members. Cadets may attend but must be properly supervised per CAP regulations by their home squadron or their parents. Cadets must hold GES. MIWG will not be providing overnight supervision of cadets.  All cadets attending must supply contact information for their chaperone / parents when registering.

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